Submersible Pump 2" for Dirty Water with Float Switch


This is a Submersible pump 110 Volt with a 500 Watt Motor and 50mm Outlet. It has an Automatic Float Switch and is capable of pumping 210 Litres per minute. The maximum vertical pump is 12 Metres and is capable of pumping 7mm Solids

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50mm Outlet Submersible Waterpump with on / off float switch capable of pumping dirty water with <7mm particles. Available to buy today. Cost includes 10m of outlet hose.

Technical Information

Voltage 110v
Suction Type Submersible
Outlet Diameter 50mm
Maximum Flow Rate 210 Liter per Min
Material Intake Upto 7mm
Motor 500 watts
Cut off Switch Automatic
Maximum Lifting Height 12 Meters
Lift & Lowering Rope Included
Handle Included
Height 350mm
Width 185mm
Depth 185mm
Weight 13.5Kg