Calor Gas Refill Butane 11Kg


Butane is the ideal fuel for use in portable gas heaters.

What is the difference between propane and butane?

Butane and propane both are fuel sources to power gas appliances. Their main differences are simply their freezing and boiling points.

Propane freezes at -180ᵒC and burns at -42ᵒC whilst butane freezes at -140ᵒC and has a higher boiling point of -2ᵒC.

These differences mean propane and butane are used best for distinct functions. As propane works better in lower temperatures, it is perfect for outside use. Meaning, butane is ideal used indoors.

Calor Butane gas bottles are easily identifiable by their distinctive Yellow colour!

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Calor gas Butane Yellow bottle refill 11kg 25Lb

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