Aspen 4 Fuel 1L

Reduce Carbon emissions by upto 8%


Aspen 4 10% Renewable is ethanol-free alkylate petril that consists of 10% renewable content, extracted from residual waste from the forest and food industry, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 8%.

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Aspen 4 is a for use in standard 4 stroke engines. Ethanol free. It is largely free of harmful components such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons.

It not only provides a better working environment for users, it also minimises harmful emissions, and in doing so keeps the engine cleaner.

This clean fuel minimises the amount of carbon residue and deposits left on the engine, giving more even and efficient operation.

The engine becomes easier to start up, and the fuel can be stored for longer periods – Upto 2 years

Suitable to use in all 4 Stroke machines