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Strimmers / Brushcutters

Westermann Moss Brush WR 870


The Westermann range of weed and moss brushes is the next generation alternative to pressure washing for both the commercial industry and domestic users. With German engineering and a Honda engine all backed by your local Irish Dealers A-Z Hire

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Stihl FS 70R CE

Stihl FS 70 Strimmer Brushcutter 

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FS 38 Homeowner Petrol Strimmer

Buy Homeowner Grass strimmer

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FS 55 Bike Handle Brushcutter

Entry level straight shaft brushcutter

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FS 55R Brushcutter Strimmer

Entry level straight shaft brushcutter with loop handle

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FS 70 CE Loop Handle EASY Start

Robust 0.9 kW petrol brushcutter with ErgoStart and loop handle

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FS 111R Brushcutter

Robust 1,05kW-brushcutter with 4-MIX®-engine and loop handle

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FS 111 Brushcutter

1,05kW-brushcutter with 4-MIX®-engine and bike handle

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FS 260 Brushcutter & Blade

Powerful 2,0kW-brushcutter with ErgoStart (E)

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