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Stihl Kombi System

Stihl RG-KM Weeder

Stihl RGKM Rotary Cutting Head

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Power Sweeper

Perfect for Artificial Lawns 

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Stihl Kombi Drive Unit

Easy to start and light-weight KombiEngine with ErgoStart (E). The ideal KombiEngine for all around-the-garden tasks

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Long Reach Hedge Cutter HL KM 145

Hedge Trimmer with 145 degree adjustable head ** NOW AVAILABLE August 2017

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Blower BG KM

Transforms your KM into a High Performance Blower

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Stihl Kombi Scrub cutter 135° adjustable

Unique Scrub Cutter for Precision Trimming 

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Metal Grass Blade FS KM

Grass cutting blade for heavy grass

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Edge trimmer - FCB-KM

Perfect Edge Trimming Attachment 

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AutoCut C25-2 Strimmer

Grass Strimmer Attachment

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