Loncin 3Kva Suitcase Generator


The Loncin LC3000i inverter Generator has been designed for low noise applications such as camping and caravanning. It is lightweight, powerful and incredibly reliable making it the ideal portable generator.

Thanks to the carefully developed inverter technology, a lightweight microprocessor replaces a traditional heavy alternator and helps maintain a smooth, consistent output power with no fluctuations. Thanks to smooth output this new generator from Loncin can power sensitive products such as laptops and televisions, which is great if you are away on a camping or caravanning holiday.

This model is also remarkably quiet at just 52 dB (A), which will provide you with peace of mind that you won’t be making any noise disturbances. It even has an eco throttle which helps to keep the noise down in low loads, as it varies the engine speed to suit the applied load. The eco throttle and a DC output included for battery charging, makes it a very versatile unit aswell as low in vibration.

Low in carbon emissions the Loncin 3000i Inverter really is a generator for the modern age, with a powerful 149cc,  4-stroke OHV engine. 4-stroke engines are economical, environmentally friendly and neighbourhood friendly! The LC3000i features a carrying handle which makes it ultra easy to transport.

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Technical Information

  • Engine type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, forced cooling, OHV
  • Power Output: 3.3hp / 2.5kW
  • Bore x stroke: 65mm x 45mm
  • Displacement: 149cc
  • Compression Ratio 9:1
  • Oil Capacity 0.35 litres
  • Fuel tank capacity 4.5 litres
  • Continuing Time: 5 hours
  • 230v
  • Weight 26.5kg
  • Electric Power type: FM-SPWM III inverter
  • Rated Output 2.3kW
  • Max Output 2.5kW
  • Power Factor: 1.0
  • DC voltage: 12v
  • DC current: 8.0A
  • Manual Start
  • Dimensions 499x285x455mm