Floor Grinder Single Head

Single Head Floor Grinder - 250mm - Easy to transport

This Single Head easy to transport and manoeuvre concrete floor grinder has a grinding width of 250mm

Price per day: €100 (excl. VAT)
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This is a single head Concrete floor grinder available to hire in Dublin with a grinding width of 250mm.

This machine is specifically designed for grinding, polishing, and levelling concrete floors.

This is a Trelawny TCG 250 Floor Grinder

ThisDiamond floor grinder is a powerful machine that is equipped with a 3kW motor and has a grinding width of 250mm. It uses a single grinding disc to grind the concrete surface, which provides a smooth finish and eliminates any imperfections or unevenness.

The machine is also equipped with a dust extraction port, which when used helps to keep the work area clean and dust-free.



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