Edging Sander Contractor Super Edger

Professional Edging Sander

Super edger for large volume jobs

Price per day: €40 (excl. VAT)
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This is an edging sander edger Sander available for hire for the flooring Contractor. This is designed for high volume jobs

Sands the edges of rooms and under skirting boards which saves you time and money removing and damaging these boards. Also perfect for sanding staircases.

This Super Edger is one of the most efficient wood floor edgers in the industry. Designed for both power and durability, it has been the edger of choice for professional contractors for over 50 years.


Technical Information

Model 07243A
Ref 07243A
Shipping Weight 21kg
Machine Weight 14kg
Electrical Motor 1 hp, (0.75 kW), Universal, 4 pole
Disc Size 7 in (17,8 cm)
Disc Speed 2,800 RPM
Size (L x W x H) 38 cm x 28 cm x 21 cm