Diamond Chain 16" GGM Stihl Ductile Iron


Cut Ductile Iron Pipes With Ease

▪ Efficient cut-off at hard to reach areas
▪ Long service life and cutting performance ▪ Sturdy construction and easy handling
▪ Excellent addition to the cut-off saw
▪ Professional users
▪ Sewer and pipeline construction
▪ Cutting of ductile cast iron pipes when performing pipe laying and repair work using wet cutting

Service Life: 60 Rigs x 250mm. Bar replacement after 2 Chains
(Requires GGM Guide Bar 45cm/18″ 1.6mm NEW Part Number 30060001417 €149.00)

SKU: 32140000064-1-1
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This special accessory for the GS 461 Concrete Cutting Chainsaw will help you expand your capabilities into cutting ductile iron pipes. With wet-only cutting of up to 17.7 inches and reinforced drive links for tough jobs. Features a vacuum-brazed diamond segment which aids in making plunge cuts. The ductile iron chain and bar are the perfect pick to take along to jobs where you’ll perform pipe laying and repair work.