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Small Room Dryer Dehumidifier for Hire in Dublin

A dehumidifier removes water from the air , removes water from from walls , removes water from floors in your home or project area. After a spell of water ingress following floods heavy rain or high humidity these Dehumidifiers will dry out the area. These small building dryers are great for smaller areas such as single rooms , bathrooms vehicles and attics

Price per day: €30 (excl. VAT)
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Where to get a Dehumidifier for hire today inDublin.

A-Z Hire is where to hire a standard Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are for hire in Dublin.

A Few things to keep in mind when you hire a dehumidifier to dry our your house room office or flat after a flood.

If you put your washing out on a cold day – you wouldn’t expect it to dry – neither will a wet house if you put a Dehumidifier in it – There also needs to be heat to make the air able to carry the water as moisture into the dehumidifier. The perfect operating temperature for a dehumidifier is between 18 and 30 degrees. Evaporation will double for every 10 degrees of heat added to the environment.

So do you need to hire some heat? Well yes; or you could turn on the heating in the house.

If you don’t like the idea of temporary heating in your house another way of increasing the drying time of a dehumidifier is to add rapid air.

Whats rapid air you ask? Well, everybody knows that they should wash their hands after going to the toilets and dry them too. But some air dryers just blow out cold air! This rapid air movement over a surface encourages evaporation – a lot! And just like the washing hanging on the line, drying is a lot faster with a good wind! So if you have wet walls or floors, air movement over the surface will increase evaporation into the atmosphere, to be captured by the Dehumidifier.

Economic drying
THIS EXTRA HEATER OR AIR BLOWER WILL COST ME MORE MONEY. It will if you need it. But it will be dry much, much more quickly – so saving money in the long run and getting the building back in use sooner.

We are advising on the most effective way of disaster restoration. It is what professional companies use to undertake building drying. If you use the same tools you can do a comparable job.

The Ebac BD70 medium capacity commercial building dryer is the ideal choice for plasterers, decorators and the finishing trade when drying out single rooms and extensions. The Ebac BD70 is highly manoeuvrable for easy use, whilst still very durable for the construction industry. Ebac Dehumidifiers are designed built in the UK so are also perfect for our crappy weather.

Technical Information

Model EBAC BD70
Voltage (V) 110/230
Weight (Kg) 25
Typical Extraction (L/d) 12
Power (kW) 0.46
Dimensions (HxWxDmm) 508x305x305
Operating Temp (min & max) 3 & 35

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