Beamlifter MUBA Beamlift


RSJ / Beam lifter , with no cables and will fit through a door. Please see video for more information

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RSJ or Beam Lifter

Built unique ‘Cable Free’ lifter is made with the small builder in mind.

Compact, Robust and unlike its competitors the Beam Lifter has no lifting cables.

It uses a simple screw mechanism like an Acrow Prop to lift and lower into position with accuracy and ease.

A single Beam Lifter has a lifting capacity of 600kg and will lift up to a maximum height of 3 Metres. Two Beam Lifters together has a lifting capacity of 900kg. The Beam Lifter will fit through gaps of up to 73cm (29 Inch)

Technical Information

Max Capacity 600Kg

Max Capacity 2 Beam lifters 900Kg

Max Lift Height 3m

Minimum Lift Height 1.1m

Mechanism Screw Thread

Width (FIXED) 73cm

Length (FIXED) 157 cm

Height Folded Down 60 cm

Height (Erected) 164cm (Rear Mast)

Lifting Platform 360 deg Rotation

Lifting Hook Included