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Aspen 2 is a ready mixed alkylate petrol, with two per cent of the total volume made up of Aspen’s fully-synthetic two-stroke oil. Aspen 2 can be used in two stroke engines. These kinds of engines can be found in the likes of chainsaws, clearing saws, power cutters or hedge trimmers and marine outboards

Why would you use alkaline petrol in your machine you may ask. 

In 2-stroke machines using Aspen 2 Fuels can offer several advantages:

  1. Reduced Engine Knock: Higher-octane fuels have better resistance to engine knocking, which can occur due to improper combustion timing. 2-stroke engines often run at higher compression ratios, and using higher-octane fuel can prevent knocking and potentially damaging the engine.
  2. Cleaner Combustion: High-octane fuels generally burn cleaner, leaving fewer deposits on the engine components. This helps maintain engine performance and efficiency over time.
  3. Prevention of Pre-Ignition: 2-stroke engines are more prone to pre-ignition due to their design. High-octane fuels have better resistance to pre-ignition, ensuring the engine runs smoothly without premature combustion.
  4. Engine Protection: Alkaline Aspen 2 petrol contains additives that help keep engine internals cleaner thereby protecting against carbon buildup and prolonging the engine’s life.

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A-Z Hire is where to buy Aspen 2 fuel which is a premixed 2 stroke fuel. It is largely free of harmful components such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons.

It not only provides a better working environment for users, it also minimises harmful emissions, and in doing so keeps the engine cleaner.

This clean fuel minimises the amount of carbon residue and deposits left on the engine, giving more even and efficient operation.

The engine becomes easier to start up, and the fuel can be stored for longer periods – Upto 2 years

Suitable to use in all Stihl 2 Stroke machines. Flammable liquids are collection only.

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