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Petrol Weed Ripper

Rip Thick weeds out of the pavement

Westermann Honda Weed Ripper is designed to rip thick weeds out of the pavement without the use of chemicals or water. Powered by a Honda GXV 160 OHV engine, this innovative weed brush is equipped with 12 braided wire brushes which repeatedly attack the weeds from all angles.

Minimum Hire includes 1 x Set Brushes suitable for clearance of 700 m2 

Price per day: From €0 ex VAT / €0 inc VAT
Brand: Westermann

Typically for weeds older than 1 Year 

Key Features
- Equipped with a high-quality Honda GXV 160 OHV Engine
- Perfect for removing thick weeds and moss
- Eco-friendly; no chemicals or water required
- Handlebars fold down for storage or transit
- 660mm diameter brush head
- HAVs rating: 4.98 m/s2

Which surfaces does this weed brush work on?

- Block Paving
- Concrete
- Tarmac
- Brick
- Block Paving

What's the key difference between this Weed Ripper and the Moss Brush Series?
This weed brush (Weed Ripper) is used predominately by contractors and landscapers to clear thick, overgrown weeds in one pass. The Moss Brush series is more equipped to efficiently clear moss, debris, and light weeds.


For more information about Petrol Weed Ripper please call us on 01 419 28 00 or email one of the sales team at or visit us in Walkinstown, Dublin.
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