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Finishing Square Buff Sander

Finishing Sander Square Buff Sander

Price per day: From €49 ex VAT / €60.27 inc VAT
Price per week: From €147 ex VAT / €180.81 inc VAT

Tags: Flooring, Sanding

OBS-18DC Orbital Sander 230V/50HZ 

A-Z Hire is where to hire a finishing floor sander

The random-orbital sanding action of the OBS-18 and OBS-18DC removes the scratch patterns left by drum or rotary sanders, leaving a smooth, flat floor ready for refinishing. At 3,600 orbits per minute, the OBS-18 sands faster than any other orbital sander available. With torque-less operation for enhanced operator comfort, the OBS-18 and OBS-18DC are perfect for interim “screen and recoat” and fine finish sanding jobs.

Sandpaper is extra. 
We supply more than required and only charge on return for what is used  

Technical Data


  • The totally enclosed, fan cooled motor, eliminates overheating and the need for motor cleaning.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum main frame and pad driver plate for added strength.
  • Independent dust pickup fan for effective dust containment (DC model only).
  • Dust pipe allows for easy attachment of 1-1/2 or 2 inch vacuum hoses for improved dust containment.
  • Bristle dust skirt to aid in dust containment
  • Transparent molded plug has an internal light that serves as a power indicator


For more information about Finishing Square Buff Sander please call us on 01 419 28 00 or email one of the sales team at or visit us in Walkinstown, Dublin.
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