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Evaporative Air Cooler

Cool Air

Temporary Cool Air for Offices Retail 

Price per day: From €40 ex VAT / €49.2 inc VAT
Brand: ELITE

Tags: Drying

Air coolers are the 'Evaporation reduced heat' principle 

It uses cooling pads as an evaporator which not only reduced heat but also filters dust from the air to improve air quality 

Power 220v / 120w - Can be run off extension leads 

Not suitable for server rooms or sensitive areas where minuscule droplets of water can damage equipment.

Tank of 70 L water required. Does not require an exhaust system, just plug in and get cool. Great stand alone summer cooling system. 

Run time on full tank = 5 - 10 L per hour 


Technical Data



Pump 18w

Control Manual 

5 - 10 L per hour 

For more information about Evaporative Air Cooler please call us on 01 419 28 00 or email one of the sales team at or visit us in Walkinstown, Dublin.
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