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Cordless Lawnmower RMA 339 C

Mono Handle

Mono Handle battery-powered lawn mower for small gardens

Price: From €500 ex VAT / €615 inc VAT
Brand: Stihl


The first question we always get asked is how long does the battery last? The first question which should be asked is 'How large is my lawn' 

For example this Where to buy the Stihl RMA 339 is the mid level compact cordless lawnmower suitable for mowing a lawn of 300m2 / 3100 ft2

So thats about the size of a Tennis Court.. This Model has a Mono handle for added maneuverability and easy access to the grass catcher

Thats all you need to keep in mind. No more need for storing petrol. No more need for hard to start engines. You can cut your grass at 7am on a Sunday without disturbing the neighbors. No annual servicing. Store away for the winter with your battery at 1/3 charge pull everything out the following summer and off you go. 

A battery-powered lawn mower like the STIHL RMA 339 C gives you greater freedom of movement when gardening. It is cordless as well as lightweight, and at the same time has sufficient power reserves for small and medium-sized gardens. It is powered by the innovative STIHL COMPACT battery system. You can also use the efficient lithium-ion cells for other compatible STIHL machines. Activating eco mode switches the lawn mower to a more energy-efficient operating mode. It ensures that the motor speed is automatically adapted to the currently required power. The flow-optimised blade is also designed for efficiency. This saves valuable battery capacity and increases the coverage. Other features like the ergonomically shaped mono-comfort handlebar, the foldable grass catcher box and the central cutting height adjustment make mowing your lawn even more convenient. The STIHL RMA 339 C is the ideal machine for gardeners who are looking for minimal effort and at the same time precise results.


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