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Cleaning & Decorating

Power Sweeper

Stihl Bristle brush Great for Artificial Turf & Cleanup 

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Vacuum with Dust Collector Bags

The A22 single phase dust collector is the perfect partner for our smaller range of single phase grinders and scarifiers. Available with the ENDLESSBAG system for dust collection into disposable plastic bags or a portable bin in the A22 is the ultimate compact unit for surface preparation machines and general cleaning applications.

  • A perfect partner for smaller surface preparation equipment such as TFP200 scarifier, TCG hand grinders and TCG250 single head grinder
  • Also ideal for use with many other smaller types of construction equipment with options for dust extraction
  • General cleaning of fine dust in many other industries

Petrol Weed Ripper

Westermann Honda Weed Ripper is designed to rip thick weeds out of the pavement without the use of chemicals or water. Powered by a Honda GXV 160 OHV engine, this innovative weed brush is equipped with 12 braided wire brushes which repeatedly attack the weeds from all angles.

Minimum Hire includes 1 x Set Brushes suitable for clearance of 700 m2 

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Petrol Moss Remover

These pedestrian weed and moss brushes have been engineered to clean driveways, tennis courts, sports surfaces and all hard surfaces without the use of chemicals or water.

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Paint Sprayer Airless


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Industrial Vacuum High Volume

High performance cleaning solution Dust Control for demolition. 3 Motor

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Carpet Cleaner

Clean carpets and upholstery easily 

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