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Calor Gas Refills

Calor Gas Refill service 

Price: From €0 ex VAT / €0 inc VAT
Brand: Calor

A-Z Hire is where to buy Calor gas refills in South Dublin patio gas for your garden or BBQ Gas , Patio Gas for your patio heater Gas for cooking Gas for Heating equipment

Gas refills come in various sizes 

We stock 25 Lb or 11 KG Propane and Butane gas refills and bottles.

Prices are charged at Calor Gas Irelands Quoted retail prices and are subject to change. We also offer purchase of Calor Bottles 

Always in Stock
11 Kg Butane Gas Refill (Orange Bottle) 

11 Kg Propane Gas Refill (red bottle) 

11 Kg Patio Gas Propane Refill (Grey Bottle) 

34 Kg Propane Gas Refill  (Red Large bottle) 

We will exchange any gas bottle you have for a new gas refill of your choice  

We are an official Calor Gas Reseller For further details on Calor gas service please visit www.calorgas.ie 

For more information about Calor Gas Refills please call us on 01 419 28 00 or email one of the sales team at or visit us in Walkinstown, Dublin.
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