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Breaking & Drilling

Demolition Kango Hammer

Perfect for breaking down internal or external walls removal of fireplaces and chimneys and light enough to use on an access tower or ladder.

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Rotary Hammer

Rotary Hammer for Hire Dublin for drilling large holes in Masonry unto 150mm

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Drill 1/2" Hammer Action

Hammer Action Drill for Drilling into Wood and light concrete unto 12mm

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Drill Heavy Duty Hammer Action

Heavy Duty SDS Drill for Hire drilling Concrete unto 25mm

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Impact Wrench 110 volt

Impact Wrench for Hire Dublin

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Nailing Gun Automatic Hilti DX

Hilti Nail Gun for Hire Dublin

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Screwdriver Cordless

Cordless Screwdriver for Hire Dublin

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Staple Gun

Staple Gun Hire Dublin

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