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Stihl DuroCut

Mowing Head

Ideal trimmer head for users that prefer manual heads. No need to refill AutoCut Head

Price: From €22.76 ex VAT / €27.99 inc VAT

Stihl offer an alternative to the bump and go autoCut system with this DuroCut Head available to buy in ireland. A-Z Hire is where to buy Stihl DuroCut heads in Ireland

Durocut Head is perfect for Mowing large areas of grass or just an easy alternative to filling heads for homeowners. 

The head requires precut lengths of nylon line which are replaced when worn. This Stihl Duracut system is great even when operating in severe applications. 

We have precut armored line to suit the DuroCut head from as little as €8.00

If you dont want to purchase pre cut lines you can always cut them yourself from a reel.

DuroCut Mowing Head 5-2 €24.00
DuroCut Mowing Head 20-2 €28.00 
DuroCut Mowing Head 40-4 €35.00

DuroCut Serrated Line 2mm 7.00 
DuroCut Serrated Line 3mm 8.00
DuroCut Serrated Line 4mm 13.00 

For more information about Stihl DuroCut please call us on 01 419 28 00 or email one of the sales team at or visit us in Walkinstown, Dublin.
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